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About PayPay Inside-Out

“PayPay Inside-Out” is an owned media run by the cashless service “PayPay” 

We decided to launch this media to reveal PayPay “inside and out” to as many people as possible – not just the service provided by PayPay, but also the team behind the scenes creating the service

​ PayPay was launched as a QR code payment service in October 2018 and is now enjoyed by a vast number of users. Our focus is on making the lives of our users more convenient, more rich, by building upon our core “payment” feature and providing other financial services and “mini apps” that allow ordering right through to its payment from just within the app.​

PayPay’s service is something very new and unique, as is our team consisting of a diverse range of members. Gathered from all over the world, team members speaking different languages and with different cultures and backgrounds are working hard around the clock, 365 days a year – not to mention across 3 different time zones, in Japan, India and Canada – to provide a better service.

We hope that this blog will further kindle your interest in PayPay!

July 2020