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[Event] PayPay Recruiting Event for Developers



PayPay has reached 35 million users in a mere a little more than 2 years since its services were launched in 2018. While our business is booming, we are vigorously hiring Engineers who can create our services together. The Company Introduction Seminar for this time will be held for mainly two positions including Server-side/Backend engineers among other engineers for product development. If you are interested in PayPay whose growth is remarkable, if you want to know a bit of our systems that are scaling out or if you are curious about who is working, please come join this seminar! *At PayPay, all the staff members work remotely, and you can join us wherever you are living. It means that you will get paid and get a benefits package at the standard of Tokyo while living in the countryside, and more importantly, you can work with world-class colleagues. All those which used to be a dream can be realized at PayPay. You can join this Company Introduction Seminar from anywhere in the world.