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"What's your honest opinion on PayPay?" Vol. 1 Business Development Team



This is a feature article that involves PayPay employees giving their “honest opinion” on “why they joined” and the “surprises encountered after joining”. This time, we interviewed Qian in the Business Development Department!

Zhang Qian in the Business Development Department
Has been with PayPay for 11 months, working on bonus management, consumer loans, P2P and the launch & operations of financial services.

Q: Qian – from where & why did you join PayPay?

In my previous job, I was involved in launching new businesses, promoting overseas businesses, planning new system features and improving operations.

I came to realize the convenience of going cashless that had spread dramatically in China, which in turn, kept me wondering when the same era would arrive in Japan. I started paying attention to PayPay with the two “10 billion yen campaigns” and the Japanese government’s promotion of ‘cashless’, which led me to believe that PayPay would be able to drive social revolution with cashless payments, and that it would be very rewarding to be in a position to transform people’s lifestyles by being a member of PayPay – that’s when I decided to join the company.

Q: What things surprised you after joining PayPay

I was given the opportunity to participate in a meeting with other departments to launch a new service, right from the first day I joined. (laughs)

It has been a surprise from me that I’ve been allowed to join many different projects in less than 1 year from joining, such as bonus management, consumer loans and P2P, amongst others. It has been hard because there are many unknowns, but a great experience nonetheless because I knew that all the difficulties were opportunities for me to grow, and it was fun being able to take a shot at various things.

The people here have diverse ways of thinking and backgrounds, including joining from different businesses such as SoftBank, Yahoo! JAPAN, and Paytm in India, which has also been a surprise. Everyone is good at what they do, so I’m never short of a challenge in my day-to-day work.

Q: Are you happy having joined PayPay?

Yes! While expanding on the range of work I can handle, I would like to gradually improve my skills and continue to challenge, improve, and work hard every day to make PayPay’s services even more recognized by users, including “bonus management”.

I want to create many more services that can transform society through ‘cashless’. On a mid to long term perspective, my goal is to take on the challenge with everyone working at PayPay to become the world’s #1 cashless payment service.

Edited by: daiki (PayPay Inside-Out Editor)​​​​
* Employees’ affiliations are those of the time of the interview.