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“What’s your honest opinion on PayPay?” Vol. 3 New Business Promotion Manager, Marketing Strategy Department



This is a feature article that involves PayPay employees giving their “honest opinion” on “why they joined” and the “surprises encountered after joining”. This time, we sat down with Tomoaki Tanaka in the Marketing Strategy Department who is responsible for the promotion of new businesses!

Tomoaki Tanaka Tomoaki Tanaka has been with PayPay for 8 months. His primary job is the promotion of new services. He currently looks after PayPay Gift Cards by supporting clients in addition to creating & executing sales strategies. *What is PayPay Gift Card? https://paypay.ne.jp/biz/giftcard/

Tomoaki,from where & why did you join PayPay?

I worked in a pharmaceutical company as a sales representative after joining as a graduate, after which, I changed jobs and became a pharmacist in a drugstore. My most recent job was to promote e-money. I love pitching new ideas, which is why I joined PayPay as I was attracted to working on new services. I was also a heavy user of PayPay, and it was fascinating to see all the new campaigns and services unfold every time I opened the app – PayPay was definitely a matter of interest for me.

What things surprised you after joining PayPay?

At first, I was surprised at the sheer range of work I was given, ranging from proposing plans and creating strategies, to executing promotion measures, undertaking sales activities and running actual operations. With all the bases I had to cover, there was no doubt that it would be an environment where I could grow. On the other hand, I guess the fact that there was no one around who could supply all the answers was a shock, given that it’s still a new company and I was assigned to a new service.

I’m always in a constant cycle of discussing what the right answer is with my colleagues to come up with a solution and move forward.

Are you happy having joined PayPay?

I’m really glad I joined! My work is rewarding and fun, but most importantly, everyone here is friendly, kind and open-minded. There were so many things I had no idea about when I joined, but no matter who I asked, they were helpful and encouraging. Working remotely doesn’t feel like a constraint either. I enjoy the small talk in Zoom meetings which all adds to the fun I have working here.

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Edited by: daiki (PayPay Inside-Out Editor)​​​​ * Employees’ affiliations are those of the time of the interview.