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Employees from around the world, what is the secret behind PayPay’s Talent Acquisition Team?

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We’d like to introduce Risa Ikemura and Anton Todo from the Talent Acquisition Team, who are working to support PayPay’s rapid expansion and organization. We spoke with them about why PayPay hires hundreds of mid-career employees every year, and what it means to them to work here.

Risa Ikemura

Technical Recruiter

Risa joined PayPay in November 2019 after working as an engineering recruiter at a major HR company. She is in charge of business and engineering recruitment. In her free time, she enjoys keeping up with BTS, a popular South Korean boy band.

Anton Todo

Technical Recruiter

Anton came to Japan seven years ago, and before that, worked as an IT technician and journalist in Spain. He joined PayPay in May 2020. He worked at a recruiting firm and an IT company prior to joining the company. He enjoys both playing and listening to music.

PayPay employees are gathering from all around the world.

Please tell us about your job.

Ikemura: We’re mid-career recruiters for PayPay. At PayPay, we are actively recruiting experienced professionals, and we have about 750 new people join us a year. We have a diverse workforce with many different nationalities and backgrounds. Currently, we have employees from approximately 40 countries working with us.

Why is PayPay expanding so rapidly (in terms of hiring)?

Anton: The main reason is that the number of PayPay users is still increasing, even though it has been two and a half years since the service was launched. Additionally, the range of services we provide is also expanding based on our platform strategy. As a result, there has been an increase in mid-career hires in each organization, including the product (engineer) development area.

What does the talent acquisition team look like?

Ikemura: Currently, it consists of about 20 members, including recruiters, coordinators, and talent sourcers. The recruiting organization has a very international atmosphere, with many bilingual and trilingual staff. The team can handle multiple languages, including Japanese, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. As the company doesn’t have a very long history, the recruiting team itself is fairly new. All of the members are taking on various challenges every day.

Defying boundaries and trying new things.

What exactly is your job routine like?

Ikemura: We, recruiters, are in charge of certain job positions and cross-functional projects. We start our hiring process by finding out the hiring needs of each department in order to plan and promote hiring strategies. Then, we carry out interviews, and offer jobs to candidates to close the deals. Recruiters are required to take responsibility for the entire hiring process from talent search to offer. In addition, to enhance corporate branding to attract potential candidates, we plan meetups and organize study groups to build a community not only in Japan but overseas as well. As you can see, we have so many things to do. Every day is like a summer festival (laughs).

Anton:  I agree with you. Things are decided very quickly at PayPay, just like at a festival (laughs). And from that point of view, I feel that there are many new discoveries and lessons to be learned here every day.

Ikemura: I’ve also felt that there have been many instances where people have taken advantage of the festive atmosphere. We come up with creative ideas and projects that have never been done before in a way that is more productive and fun for everyone, and then take action at great speed.

Do you have any recent examples of this?

Ikemura: Most recently, we organized an “Employee Referral Festival” for everyone in the company which is one of them.

“The best people know the best people”is a campaign to promote hiring through employee referrals as part of our hiring policy.

Anton:This is a memorable project for me as well. For one of the campaign’s promotions, we shot and produced our own promotional video in the office with the help of other teams.

Ikemura:That was when I first felt the festive atmosphere of the company and I thought, “This is a place where I can try out the recruitment activities I’ve always wanted to.” Of course, I have to be aware of the rules and compliance, but we have an environment where I am allowed to push myself beyond my own limits. It’s still been such a short period of time, but it’s pure fun to work here.

What we value at PayPay

What kind of people is PayPay looking for?

Ikemura:At the end of last year, PayPay published a list of our work values in the form of “PayPay’s 5 senses“. In this list, we defined six human resource requirements that are linked to the things that we value in our work.

1. Believes in our PRODUCT&TEAM Enjoy growing together and believe in our product, our teams and that we will be the number one FinTech company in the world.

2. SPEED is our bet on the market. Contribute to our users and the company by achieving results at an unparalleled speed.

3. Ego is not welcome, Communicate is necessary Value communication and respect the diversity of our colleagues. Work together and tackle tasks as one.

4. Be Sincere , To be Professional Be sincere and work as a professional without making compromises. Create new opportunities and value. Go through till the end.

5. Work for LIFE or Work for Rice Take action, looking for essential objectives and value. Try to take risks and never stop challenging yourself.

By clearly stating these principles, job seekers will be able to better understand PayPay. This understanding will lead to empathy, which will attract more people who are interested in working for PayPay. We are also working on building a culture by spreading these things throughout the company.

Anton: I’m glad to see that more and more applicants are reading this and talking about it in interviews. I felt that our values are being conveyed to the external target (job seekers).

Ikemura: It makes me feel proud, not only as a recruiter, but also as a PayPay employee. We have also defined and published the six human resource requirements that we are looking for.

PayPay is looking for people who have these six elements, and we all work hard every day to make sure we are always on the same page.

Anton: Our extremely fast pace is very PayPay-like, isn’t it? (laughs)

Ikemura: Whenever we complete something very quickly, people say, “That’s amazing PayPay speed!” When something becomes a part of everyday language like that, I guess it becomes part of the culture.

The company and the organization are still a work in progress. We’re aiming high for the future.

What kind of career do you think you can expect at PayPay?

Ikemura: As I mentioned at the beginning of this interview, PayPay is rapidly growing with the aim of becoming a “LIFE Platform starting with FinTech.” With the QR payment function as a starting point, we plan to develop services that can be used by a wider range of users in their daily lives, including financial services such as banking, securities, credit, investment and insurance, payment of utility bills and taxes, online shopping, and making payments at restaurants and hotels. Although the company has several thousand employees, it is still a work in progress.

The Talent Acquisition Team at a team building workshop in the office.

I feel that the fact that we’re still a work in progress holds a lot of potential for career growth. As a company, we encourage our employees to create their own work with a sense of ownership, and I think this is an environment where you can create your own growth opportunities to the extent that you take on challenges.

Anton: That’s right. This is my personal opinion, but I think that a career is about the experiences and abilities that are needed at that time. In that sense, working in a growing field, in a growing company, and in a company that is actively working on new initiatives, such as WFA (Work From Anywhere, At Any Time), is very significant for our future careers. It’s a great way to get first-hand experience of events and issues that are not yet common in the world.

Ikemura: Yes, that is really depending on yourself, you can have a really big future, something beyond your imagination. No one knows what the future holds, but I would like to create such a future with my colleagues here who share the same vision. Here’s to new recruits! (laughs).

Anton:I’d love to see someone join PayPay who can join in the festivities.

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