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“What’s your honest opinion on PayPay?” vol.7 Online Sales Promotion


This is a feature article that involves PayPay employees giving their “honest opinion” on “why they joined” and the “surprises encountered after joining”.
This time, we sat down with Shiori Kawamura from Online Sales Promotion.

Shiori Kawamura

Online Sales Promotion

Shiori is responsible for coordinating contracts and improving business flows so that merchants running online shopping businesses can integrate PayPay more smoothly. In addition, when PayPay runs a campaign, she plans and prepares materials for the sales team to use to ask merchants to participate and later coordinates with the merchants who decide to participate.

PayPay Inside-Out

From where & why did you join PayPay?

Shiori Kawamura

Before joining PayPay, I was working for a cloud service provider for employee management, where I was involved in internal coordination of contracts, business improvement, and management accounting.

I wanted experience with a service that directly impacts the lifestyle of a wider range of people, while making the most of my experience. One day the opportunity came up and I joined PayPay.

As a user, I realized that PayPay is an app intended not just for payments, but also to make everyday life more convenient and enjoyable, which increased my interest in PayPay, and made me decide to work here.

PayPay Inside-Out

What surprised you after joining PayPay?

Shiori Kawamura

Everything that happens at PayPay happens quickly!

During the interview process I remember a number of the interviewers saying that working in PayPay is like a festival. After joining I can really resonate with that statement.

I was surprised to be able to participate in a large-scale campaign within just a month after joining the company. It was a large-scale campaign for the year end and I was overwhelmed with the schedule and preparation, but when the campaign started and I saw the ads on TV and various media, I felt an indescribable sense of joy.

I have been working remotely since I joined the company, but it was great to have the opportunity to communicate a lot with the members from sales and marketing teams – whom I had never met before – through creating campaign materials, organizing the application process, and coordinating the participating merchants.

PayPay Inside-Out

Are you happy having joined PayPay?

Shiori Kawamura

I’ve always loved shopping, and I’ve always wanted to have a system to make that experience more fun and exciting.

So, being involved with PayPay from the inside, aiming to become a super app, gives me a sense of fulfillment every day.

Compared to credit cards which are also cashless, it’s a newer and easier service that is available to anyone who carries a smartphone, but we still face a lot of challenges to overcome as much as we receive good feedback.

I would like to drive discussions to discuss how we can realize each of the future measures with members from various departments.

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Edited by: Sota (PayPay Inside-Out Editorial Team)
*Employees’ affiliations are as of the time of the interview.