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WFA × living in Nara


PayPay shifted to a “new workstyle” last September, allowing “Work from Anywhere, at Anytime” (WFA). Nearly six months after its launch, a number of issues associated with this work style have become apparent, and for this reason, we have decided to start a new series of articles featuring WFA to offer insight into solving the challenges of working remotely by sharing some creative and specific practices our colleagues have adopted.
This time, we have Takashi Nishimura, PayPay’s corporate page designer who joined PayPay after WFA has implemented talks about his WFA life in Nara.

Takashi Nishimura

Corporate Communication Division Team Leader / Designer

What I feel about using WFA

How I got into PayPay

First of all, I have always dreamed to work in Tokyo whole my life, however, I had reasons that I could not move away from Nara. While I was struggling to live with the restriction to live and work in Nara, I happened to know PayPay’s WFA policy. WFA clicked me right away to apply for the opening position since I had long been a big fan of PayPay business myself. I like to thank WFA for making my dream to work for Tokyo company come true!

Living in Nara

Deer in Nara Park.

Nara is great place to live with wide sky and full of fresh air! Not to mention, Nara has number of cultural properties within living area.For example, Yakushiji temple and Toshodaiji temple are in walking distance from where I life and I can even go to the great statue of Buddha at Todaiji temple. Osaka and Kyoto are within an hour and only 4 hours to Tokyo!
This is important, that’s why I repeat but living in Nara and to work for Tokyo office is super great.

How I feel wotking with WFA

My “work station“at work.

Basically I am totally OK with remote work. So, I have no stress at all. Specially at PayPay,we can choose to work at the office on top of the remote work which makes the total balane even better.
Because my role is to design PayPay’s corporate pages, such as, PayPay Inside-Out, Careers and Press Release pages, I sometime need to go to the office in Kamiyacho to shoot photos and videos of people when we are allowed.

How it was to get into PayPay.

photo shot I joined the other day in Tokyo office

I’m mainly in charge of the design and site management for PayPay Inside-Out and recruitment pages, and I also do video and still photography as needed.
What I found when I joined PayPay is that it is a really fast-paced company.
Also, there are many excellent colleagues around me, so I am spending my days in friendly competition while being inspired.
I am proud to be working as a designer at PayPay surrounded by such colleagues.
I’ve always dreamed of working in Tokyo, but now I think I’ve found a better way to work.

【In the end】

As a designer, I am usually on the side of communication, but this time I looked at “me and WFA” from the perspective of the people involved. If it weren’t for WFA, I wouldn’t have joined PayPay myself.
The speed at PayPay is like a roller coaster.
Doing quality work on a daily basis while not losing sight of myself is what I wanted and what I will continue to challenge myself to do.
At the end of this article, I would like to mention that what supports me is above all the place where I was born and raised, Nara, and my precious family members.

Interview / editing: Takashi
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