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WFA × Life in Kanazawa


PayPay shifted to a “new workstyle” last September, allowing “Work from Anywhere, at Anytime” (WFA). Ten months after its launch, a number of issues associated with this work style have become apparent, and for this reason, we have decided to start a new series of articles featuring WFA to offer insight into solving the challenges of working remotely by sharing some creative and specific practices our colleagues have adopted.

This time, we would like to introduce Yamada-san, who was born and raised in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.
Here are some of the highlights and challenges she encountered moving back to Kanazawa from Tokyo, along with the photos she took!

Aika Yamada


It’s so nice to develop an app in front of the sea when it’s warm.

How long have you been in Kanazawa?

Since February 2021, when I joined PayPay.

Why did you decide to move back to Kanazawa?

It’s so nice to develop an app in front of the sea when it’s warm.

I got to experience a long period of remote work in my previous job when the state of emergency was declared, and I realized then that I could work fine without coming to the office.

Living in Tokyo was very convenient, but I came to wonder if it was worth paying a high rent to continue living there. After discussing it with my husband, we decided to move to a rural area. We are now living with my parents in a two-family house in my hometown of Kanazawa.

How is remote work?

I’ve set up my desk environment, but in reality, I work in different rooms depending on my mood. lol
A family photo taken at my favorite beach.

I feel so much more comfortable in my daily life because I no longer have to spend time commuting or getting ready for work (like putting on makeup…lol). Now I can use that extra time with my family or for study.

In terms of work, I’m currently developing the PayPay app as an iOS engineer. The team is multinational and the skills of the members are astoundingly high, which makes the work really rewarding.

I mainly use Slack for text-based communications with team members and Zoom for discussions. With online communication, I feel that it’s difficult to read other people’s emotions or to make small talk, which tends to make the relationship shallow. In my team we started a thing called “Short Coffee Break” to revitalize communication! We set a time in which 3-4 people talk about things other than work.

I haven’t met up with any of the team members yet, so I’m hoping to have some time with them once the state of emergency is lifted and things settle down.

A word of advice for those who are considering moving out of Tokyo with WFA.

Along the seaside in the early morning near our house in Noto. I sometimes come here to refresh my mind.

I’m very happy with my situation! It allows me to spend a lot of time with my husband and family (such as my parents and grandparents) while staying involved in cutting-edge work!
There are still challenges in communication with remote work, but I believe that PayPay has the speed and culture to solve these.
I highly recommended those who want to have a good work-life balance to join PayPay!

The symbol of Kanazawa Station, the Tsuzumi-Mon (drum gate)!
The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art is interesting no matter how many times I visit!
Sunset at Chirihama Beach (the only sandy beach in Japan where you can drive) with my beloved car! This is my favorite picture.
Snow piles up on occasion in the winter, but NO problem since I work from home!
Summer in Ishikawa Prefecture is so much fun!
My friend who is a chef made this sashimi dish with the horse mackerels we caught.
In spring, we enjoy cooking wild vegetables from the nearby mountains.

How was WFA x Life in Kanazawa?
She is indeed an engineer in charge of developing the PayPay app! That was the impression I got and there were many moments during the interview where I felt that way. I’m looking forward to seeing the useful features she will come up with during her maternity leave, which will start soon.

Interview / editing: Takashi
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