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WFA × Life in Niigata


About WFA series

The “Work from Anywhere at Anytime”(WFA) program was introduced in September 2020. In this “WFA Special” series, we offer insights into solving the challenges of working remotely by sharing some practices our colleagues have adopted.

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Ryoko. Here are some of the highlights and challenges she has encountered since she joined the company using the WFA system, along with some photos of the locale!

Ryoko Shimojima

Promotion Department of the Marketing Division

I work in the Promotion Department of the Marketing Division, devising campaigns and other in-store sales promotions, as well as creating sales catalogs and other materials.

Living in Niigata: Ryoko Shimojima

Outdoor beer garden along the Shinano River. Niigata in summer is the best.

What is your role in PayPay?

I work in the Promotion Department of the Marketing Division, devising campaigns and other in-store sales promotions, as well as creating sales catalogs and other materials.

Why Niigata?

The vineyard of a winery in Nishikan Ward, Niigata City. Niigata is known for its sake, but wine produced here is also quite good.

My husband was getting transferred just after we got married, so I had to weigh my choices.I did consider quitting my job, but I really wanted to continue working at PayPay, so I took advantage of the WFA system and here I am happily working in Niigata!

And at least for the time being, my husband tells me that he’s glad I came with him, so it’s also been good for my home life (laughs).
I can’t predict the future, but I would like to remain a member of PayPay, while being with my family as much as possible.

How is remote work?

I was born in Saitama, so I’m happy that I get to live near the sea, and often stroll along the beach.

One major benefit of remote work is that I can work in a planned manner at my own pace.

I have more time to concentrate on my work as I don’t have to commute and get to avoid all the noise in the office.

On the other hand, I think there are some communication issues since it’s harder to chat with colleagues. Before, we used to talk about what was on our minds or discuss work in between tasks, but it seems like we’re doing less of that under our remote work environment.

Recently, we welcomed in new team members, so even if it’s something trivial, I make it a point to communicate with them via Zoom as much as possible.

In addition to department and team meetings, I also set aside time for my colleagues and I to ask each other questions about things we don’t understand or simply make small talk. By doing that, I hope to create an environment where people feel it’s okay to ask questions which they may think very basic.

What are you careful about with remote work?

Even when work gets busy, I have to make sure to set that aside during my off-hours.
I tend to prioritize work, so I try my best not to shirk household chores (laughs).

A word of advice for those who are considering moving out of Tokyo with WFA

When I moved to Niigata, I found out that camping and outdoor activities are very popular, and that the head offices of Snow Peak and Captain Stag are located here.

At first, I was a little reluctant to leave Tokyo, but I fell in love with Niigata’s lush nature and delicious food, as well as the fun of finding things that are unique to this place. As the saying goes, “home is where you make it,” and now I love Niigata!

When I simply thought about what kind of environment I wanted to work in, I realized that there was no need to stay in Tokyo.I think WFA is a really great option among various work styles, so I recommend that you consider it before you give up anything.

How was “WFA✕ Life in Niigata”? This was the first time to feature Niigata in the WFA series. After listening to Ryoko, the rich nature and delicacies there seemed quite enticing. We hope this article will be a reference for those of you who are considering remote work.

Authored by Ryoko Shimojima / Edited by Takashi
*Employees’ affiliations are those of the time of the interview.