At the Center of Payhem

Cultural differences, things lost in translation, eye-opening practices…

With members representing over 40 countries, there really is no such thing as “common sense” or “the correct answer” here at PayPay. There are as many perspectives, perceptions, and business practices as there are languages and cultures. Nonetheless, we still manage to create new value, hacking our way through all the chaos by unwavering communication. In fact, we cherish this frenzied enterprise as an important aspect of PayPay’s culture.

Read about snippets of mayhem at PayPay = our beloved Payhem – in which we constantly disrupt and create.

  • Identifying culture-based issues existing in the company
  • Sharing different perspectives & solutions in response to those issues
  • Assisting everyone (working at PayPay) in the art of taming such chaos through the article
  • It’s only natural to be different – common sense, emotions, way of thinking- given the diversity. One person might see things in a completely different light compared to another. That the environment in which everyone has gathered at PayPay to create the best of the best.

So, welcome to the Center of Payhem!

–Payhem Lab–

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