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What’s your honest opinion on PayPay? Vol. 15 Operations Planning



This feature article series involves PayPay employees giving their honest opinion on why they joined, and the surprises encountered after joining. Ayana Hantani from the Operations Planning!

Ayana Hantani
My main responsibility is planning operations for merchants to start using PayPay services. Specifically, I am in charge of structuring operations related to PayPay My Store, such as PayPay Coupon and Stamp Card, which are available on PayPay for Business (PayPay’s website for merchants). I coordinate what kind of operation is needed for merchants to be able to start using the stamp cards, and what the screening criteria and operational flow should be. I also oversee recovery operations in case of bonus grant incidents for users.

From where & why did you join PayPay?

Before joining PayPay, I was in charge of entertainment business planning in the video game industry. I was making plans to provide an actual location—an entertainment complex—where people can gather for a physical experience, as well as to eat and drink. But business was hit hard by COVID-19, which made me strongly realize the importance of enriching our offline (everyday) life through the online realm, in addition to providing “real” places.

I was also personally interested in the cashless business which was going strong in spite of the pandemic. I felt that I could make use of my experience in operation design and sales planning, which I nurtured at the human resources web service company I previously worked for. So, I decided to take the leap and join PayPay.

What surprised you after joining PayPay?

The fact that we are really expected to hit the ground running. I was amazed that I could be involved in the launch of new services like PayPay Coupon right after joining the company.

It’s often the case at other companies that new members are finally given opportunities in the field only after finishing training and OJT, despite being regarded as “work-ready.” At PayPay, you can stand at the forefront immediately. I had to rapidly catch up in understanding the operations so I could contribute to the team, which helped me get used to my work very quickly.

Having said that, it’s not that I didn’t get puzzled when I joined the company. At first, I was a bit confused by the difference in corporate culture. Having spent some time in a company where employees were on average younger, there was a slight difference in the way I communicated from the rest. Nevertheless, by the time I knew it, I felt like I fit in. Nobody denied my way of doing things as this company is made up of various people with diverse backgrounds. Since the culture changes with each department, it was both interesting and surprising to see unique characteristics of each department.

Are you happy having joined PayPay?


Because our service is responsible for the wallets of both merchants and users, I can now design and implement operation processes which were not possible in my previous job. I’ve been upskilling, since I have to think about processes that I never considered before. I believe I’m still continuing to grow while engaged in this work.

You get to work fully remote for PayPay, so it’s quite significant for me that I don’t have to experience the stress of commuting. Now I can read books at my own pace, which gives me more peace of mind. For me, understanding my work and communicating with colleagues was not too much of a challenge even in a telecommute environment. I have opportunities to communicate regularly through morning meetings and one-on-one meetings, and if there is something I don’t understand, I can ask my coworkers immediately.

By the way, I was finally able to meet a senior member of the team who’s been taking care of me since I first joined the company. Because of the state of emergency and remote work, we weren’t able to meet face-to-face for a year, but we’ve been talking online all along. So, it was refreshing and interesting to meet each other in person!

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Edited by: Keiko (PayPay Inside-Out Editor) *Employees’ affiliations are those of the time of the interview.