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WFA × Life in Fukuoka


Work from Anywhere at Anytime“(WFA) program was introduced over a year ago. In this “WFA Special” series, we offer insights into solving the challenges of working remotely by sharing some practices our colleagues have adopted.

Today we are pleased to introduce Ryohei, who lives in Fukuoka Prefecture.
Here are some of the highlights and challenges he has encountered since he joined the company using the WFA system, along with some photos of the locale!

Ryohei Kobuchi

Risk Management Department

I’m in the Risk Management Department and am mainly responsible for the development of business processes and regulations related to system risk management, as well as system risk assessment and considering system aspects of the BCP.

You have been living in Fukuoka before you joined the company?

I was born and raised in Fukuoka until I graduated from university, but I worked in Tokyo until my second last job. As I was reevaluating my life and work style thanks to Covid-19, I was also looking for a new job with the possibility of heading back to Fukuoka. I had an opportunity to learn about a company in my hometown, so I made a U-turn to Fukuoka for my previous job. I’ve been living here even after I joined PayPay in September 2021.

How is remote work, really?

I don’t have to worry about the risk of getting infected from traveling by bus or train, and I don’t have to wear a mask at home, so my stress level is lower. I also don’t have to go to the office and everything is done online, so it’s easier to set up meetings.

In terms of planning how I want to use my time throughout the day, it’s nice to be able to think about work and housework at the same time. I cook for my family every day, and since I don’t have to commute, I can start cooking right after work. Also, thinking about what to cook and making a shopping list is hassle-free, since I can check what’s in the fridge during my lunch break.

The fish sold in supermarkets are also delicious. This is wild sea bream caught in Fukuoka.

What are you careful about with remote work?

I make time to empty my mind during breaks at work. I allot time to consciously not think, by gazing blankly at the sky or lying down with my eyes closed.

And since I don’t have much opportunity to be exposed to new perspectives with remote work, I try to read newspapers, online articles, and books, across a wide range of fields. Not only business and finance, but also technology, international affairs, culture, and history.

Ryohei’s recommended spot 1: Gokoku Shrine (Genboku Otorii)

What I feel about WFA

I think that being able to choose a place to live that fits your lifestyle the most, and not based on the location of your company, is great for maintaining a good work-life balance. If you ever find yourself wanting more for your life, you should definitely consider moving out of Tokyo!

[Editor’s note]
How was “WFA X Life in Fukuoka”?
I could tell that Ryohei is proactively gathering information on an extensive range of topics to broaden his outlook and put it to use in work. Whether you are already telecommuting or are considering to work remotely, I hope you found this article helpful!

Thanks to: Ryohei Kobuchi / Editor: Kona (PayPay Inside-Out Editorial Team) / Translation: Language Communication Team / English Editor: Justin
* The information given is as of the time of the interview.