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Design Chit-Chat Vol. 6 – Sunyoung Jung


What is Design Chit-Chat?

PayPay has become a national service with 47 million users, and one thing that is indispensable in its development is the presence of product members with rich personalities from more than 35 countries around the world. The process of understanding the “differences” and “commonalities” in each other’s thinking one by one has transformed us into a team capable of creating ideas, approaches, and outputs that have never existed before.

In this Design Chit-Chat, we would like to present a series of member’s voices to give you as direct a picture as possible of the PayPay Design Team and its atmosphere of craftsmanship. This time, we would like to introduce Sunyoung Jung from the design team.

Sunyoung Jung

Product Designer

Born in Seoul, Korea. I came to Japan in 2013 after working in the e-commerce industry in Seoul, mainly in charge of Japan related services.
I joined PayPay in June 2020 after working in mobile entertainment services, etc. I came to Kanto from Fukuoka for WFA and have been here for about 6 months.

What is your team and job description?

The design team is divided into two main groups: the Consumer App team is in charge of the Consumer App, which is used by many users, and the Merchant App team is in charge of the Merchant App, which is used by store owners. I belong to Team B, which is in charge of Financial, Online Payment, Mini Apps, etc., within the Consumer App team. My main task is to improve the eKYC (eKYC) product, which is very important these days, to make it easier for users.

What made you become a designer?

I have been interested in being able to create something on a computer since I was in elementary school. I am not good at making something by hand, but I thought I could do it with a computer. When I was there, the Internet was just spreading at a very fast pace in Korea, so I started to have a dream while learning in Internet communities. At that time, I liked to touch the computer anyway, but when I thought about it more slowly, I realized that I liked to create something tangible with the computer. That is what led me to become a designer.

What projects have you recently worked on?

I am in charge of various financial services, online payments, etc. In the improvement of identity verification (eKYC) products, I qualitatively and quantitatively investigate which part of the product users have trouble with, think of a solution, and improve the product so that users do not feel inconvenienced. The results of the improvements are verified by comparing data such as withdrawal rates before and after the improvements. As identification verification will become increasingly important in the future, our goal is to make it easier for more users to complete identification verification. In addition, through the activities of the UX Lab within the design team, we are working to create a business process that can quickly solve problems that PayPay users experience.

How do you come up with ideas?

Since our products are related to money, terminology and methods of use tend to be difficult, but we always want to focus on making them as convenient and easy to understand as possible for users. In terms of work, we strive to reduce communication costs among members who work together to prevent miscommunication.

What do you prioritize when creating a product at PayPay?

I also use other companies’ products as a reference and gather various ideas. Sometimes I ask people around me to touch the product I am thinking of or another company’s product, and I talk to them about what they felt at the time to organize my ideas.

What sort of challenges do you want to take on in PayPay?

PayPay has various functions other than code payment. We want to make PayPay a product that users naturally open and use when they want to do something. I want to be of service to that end. PayPay is already being used by many users, but I want to create a product that can be used by a wider range of people of all ages without inconvenience.

A message for people considering to apply to PayPay

PayPay offers everything that makes working fun and exciting.
Join us in creating Japan’s largest cashless service. We’re looking forward to it!

A day in the life of Sunyoung-san
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Lunch time
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Design work for assigned projects
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Author: Sunyoung Jung / Supervisor: YAGI / Editor: Hinako
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