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Around the world with PayPay vol.20 FROM INSIDE


Around the World with PayPay is a series of articles featuring our global workplace, with people gathered from approximately 40 countries around the world.

The article consists of two parts: “FROM OUTSIDE” (published every first Thursday of the month) focuses on a comparison between Japan and the interviewee’s home country. “FROM INSIDE” (published every second Friday of the month) focuses on experiences within PayPay.

Continuing on from the last issue, we’ve sat down with Saad Burney from Pakistan.

*The Japanese version of the article is available here.

Saad Burney

Product Manager

Country: Pakistan / Years in Japan: 2 months / What do you do at PayPay: Product Manager / Location (where you live currently):Tokyo
Your own quote: It isn’t my own but one of my favorites: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” -Neale Donald Walsch

How are payments done in your country?

Out of a population of 220 million, approximately 100 million Pakistani adults do not have access to financial services. With such a huge proportion of the unbanked population, cash still remains to be the most common payment method in Pakistan. Digital payments are available but are slowly catching up.

Why did you join PayPay?

Starting from the very first conversation with the recruitment team to the final interview, all the interviewers were extremely straightforward and friendly. Each of them was originally from a different country and this gave me a good idea about the culture and diversity at PayPay.

What’s the best thing about working at PayPay?

There are quite a few. One of the things I really like about PayPay is open communication. People express their views/opinions openly at work which creates a comfortable work environment and also ensures that we do not settle for less and continuously improve our products and processes. A great idea could come from anywhere, not necessarily the person/team responsible for it.

My manager and I at our PayPay office in Tokyo.
My manager and I at our PayPay office in Tokyo.

Difference in work styles or corporate cultures

I did not find any major difference in work style or corporate culture as compared to my previous workplaces.

How are the internal communications at PayPay?

Communication is fast and open. One does not have to think much before voicing their ideas / opinions which is a good thing. Also interpreters are available for English <> Japanese translation which makes it easy to communicate.

How is a normal working day for you at PayPay?

A normal working day consists of analyzing, planning and documenting specs for future products while working on ongoing projects which need to be delivered. Also there is lots of communication with all stakeholders; sometimes external stakeholders as well depending on the project. Each day comes with a unique challenge which makes working at PayPay all the more interesting.

View from the PayPay office: Tokyo Tower in all its glory!
View from the PayPay office: Tokyo Tower in all its glory!

What do you think was the biggest positive impact of PayPay in Japan?

The digitization of financial services. PayPay has played a major role in revolutionizing how payments are done in Japan. I was surprised to see PayPay being used as a payment method at merchant outlets in far flung areas who only accept cash other than PayPay.

Along with payments, other services which PayPay offers such as Pay Later makes it very convenient for users to get credit without having to go through the cumbersome process of applying for and getting a credit card.

What would I tell people who’s applying to PayPay?

If you are looking for a challenging and fun work environment operating at a fast pace then PayPay would be the perfect place for you. And moving to Japan would be the cherry on top. So come join us in the cashless revolution!

Hope you enjoyed reading about Saad!

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