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Meanwhile at PayPay… Episode 1 – PayPay’s Onboarding Support –


Meanwhile at PayPay…

PayPay is made up of diverse members from around 50 countries and regions.
It has been growing at breakneck speed since its inception in 2018. Although the company now employs a few thousand members, we are still growing and still have a long way to go.
Meanwhile at PayPay… is a comic series which playfully communicates our culture. We hope you enjoy the amusing interactions of Danata and Keizo in their daily life at PayPay.

In our first episode, we have Danata, a free-spirited and energetic newcomer to Japan, and Keizo, a calm but sometimes anxious guy born and raised in Japan. These distinct characters with different backgrounds will introduce us to the daily life of PayPay. They recently joined PayPay and today will try to set up their own PCs. How can these two set up the systems needed for their work and organize a comfortable work environment in a fully remote workplace?

One day at the office…

To be continued・・・

The “Newcomer Journey” for new hires on the company portal site contains information on what to do when they join the company, when they should do it, and other such information, divided into four stages. Setting up one’s PC, creating a comfortable work environment, information about the company including the organizational chart and role of each division, and even a must do list can all be seen at a glance. In addition to the portal site, an internal wiki that allows employees to write and store information at any time provides a support system that enables everyone to immediately become fully onboarded even in a telecommuting environment.

Newcomer Journey page in the portal

Current job openings

Author: Danata / Designer: Keizo / Editor: PayPay Inside-Out Editorial Team / Translator: Justin / Translation Editor: Language Communication Team