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Meanwhile at PayPay… Episode 2 – PayPay’s Wonderful Language Program –


Meanwhile at PayPay

PayPay is made up of diverse members from around 50 countries and regions.
It has been growing at breakneck speed since its inception in 2018. Although the company now employs a few thousand members, we are still growing and still have a long way to go.
Meanwhile at PayPay… is a comic series which playfully communicates our culture. We hope you enjoy the amusing interactions of Danata and Keizo in their daily life at PayPay.

In this second episode, we will be introducing PayPay’s diverse environment and language program. PayPay’s multinational environment is made up of members with various backgrounds, and the official languages of the company are English and Japanese. To help everyone thrive in this environment, PayPay offers two language programs to get its employees proficient in their target language. People who want to learn English can join the English Boot Camp (EBC) and if employees wish to learn Japanese, there is the Japanese Boot Camp (JBC). In fact, a surprising number of members sign up for both EBC and JBC.

Let’s now take a look at the day Keizo, a beginner in learning English, first met Danata!

To be continued・・・

Working in a diverse, international environment is more than simply becoming a language wizard. Sure, linguistic skills are handy to have but mutual cultural understanding and working toward the same goal are equally as important in creating an environment where people from all corners of the earth can thrive.

At PayPay, we have the Language Communication Team that interprets and translates for the company, so we can break through language barriers and get down to discussing the nitty-gritty. Plus, for the employees that do wish to have a go at improving their language proficiency, there is the option of attending the English Boot Camp or the Japanese Boot Camp – completely free of charge!

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Author: Danata / Design: Keizo / Editor: PayPay Inside-Out Editorial Team