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Finding Joy in Creating: Festival of PayPay Developers, PayPay Hackathon 2023.5


The third in-house hackathon was held by PayPay developers on May 19 to 22, 2023, with 16 teams and a total of more than 50 members from PayPay’s Product Division participating in a hybrid online/offline format.
Let’s take a sneak peek into this fun occasion!

About PayPay Hackathon

PayPay Hackathon is an event where Product members work in teams to quickly create a practical service prototype within 48 hours. Participants leverage their skills and collaborate with teammates against a time limit to develop a variety of services from scratch.
This year, PayPay Hackathon was held under the following rules:

  • 5 members in 1 team at max
  • Develop a working prototype in 2 days
  • Give a presentation and demo within 180 seconds

Nonetheless, the most important thing about the PayPay Hackathon was to “find joy in creating.” And as for the results, all participating teams were evaluated by PayPay’s management members.
The winners and their comments are introduced on the PayPay Hackathon event page.

Engineers from PayPay and Pay2 Development Center came together for three intense days of brainstorming about the future of PayPay. In a venue filled with enthusiasm, numerous seeds of ideas that could potentially reshape PayPay were born.

PayPay Hackathon is a festival for PayPay developers where you can find joy in creating.
We look forward to seeing you in the next PayPay Hackathon!

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