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Pay2 Dev Speaks vol.5 – Backend Engineer


Launched in 2018, PayPay has grown into a mobile payment service with 58 million users – one in every two smartphone users in Japan. It boasts a diverse workforce with engineers from around 50 different countries and regions across the world.
In this Pay2 Dev Speaks series, we give you the latest on the Pay2 Development Center (or Pay2DC), PayPay’s first overseas development center launched in October 2022, through the unique voices of our team there.

In this issue, we chat with Deepika, who works as a backend engineer.


Pay2 Development Center
Backend Engineer

Hello, this is Deepika! I joined Pay2DC in February 2023 after working as an engineer for two years at a tech giant following my graduation. Pay2DC is the ideal workplace, as the company offers a stable underpinning and provides an environment in which I can grow!

Why I joined PayPay

I had no reservations about leaving the tech giant!
I wanted to grow at a FinTech company that has 58M users!

Previously, I was working for a tech giant, but I was motivated to change my company because I wanted to try my hand in the FinTech industry, which I already had an interest in. I had also just started off my career, so I put a lot of importance on finding an environment where I can continue to grow, such as what you get at a startup. At this time, I heard about PayPay from a friend that is working at Paytm.

As one of the first members at Pay2DC, I can learn about new technologies, work proactively each day and refine my skills as an engineer, and also get involved in developing for Japan’s leading QR-code payment provider with 58 million users, so I felt this was a major chance for me. Although I received offers from other companies, I did not hesitate to join PayPay, as it ticked all my boxes.

Farewell party for the members of PayPay Japan

What is the appeal of working at Pay2DC?

The balance between large service infrastructure and a startup culture

Firstly, there is the startup-esque nature of the company where you can create a product from scratch, and you’re able to really experience growth, which are major positives. At the same time, I don’t have to be concerned about uncertainty associated with startups. We have a large-scale service platform, so it allows me to strike a nice balance between working on challenges with peace of mind while also learning about what already exists in the service.

It is also beneficial that I can do my job while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Our manager makes sure that we don’t work excessive overtime and are not put under too much pressure. The transparent culture means that if the situation changes, or if I am not sure on what next steps to take, I can talk to my manager straight away, enabling me to keep taking on challenges in a healthy way.

Weekly All-Hands Meeting

Teamwork and communication

The team’s never-ending proactiveness and willingness to help each other fuels my motivation

As the Pay2DC team was established recently and the team is still small, everyone is still at a learning stage. While trying to understand the existing architecture, we are working on multiple different activities such as the development of new functionalities, designing more processes and guidelines, and so on and so forth.
We already have a tested process available, but this environment means that we can test out new approaches and whenever necessary, consult with anyone on the team to quickly solve a challenge.

All of the members on the team work proactively, and we have a culture of helping each other, so Pay2DC is an environment that instills you with both motivation and tenacity. Each day when I start my work I ask myself excitedly, “What will I be learning today?”

Painting competition at the company’s internal event

We also communicate smoothly with the Japan Product Team and the other day, our team participated in PayPay’s regular Hackathon event from India. Participating in the Hackathon and being part of a new experience was a very good impetus for me to produce ideas. And despite participating remotely from India, the organizers even arranged our lunch, so once again I really felt that we are working as one team, despite the distance.

Our current team and plans for the future

Taking full ownership for the new service that has been transferred to us from the Japan Team

I am currently working on the second team at Pay2DC, which is primarily working on PayPay Gift Voucher. PayPay Gift Voucher is a new service that was launched in November 2022, that enables users to receive a gift voucher as a thank-you gift in return for making a Furusato Nozei (or hometown tax) donation. We are currently in the middle of having this service transferred over from the Japan Product Team, and so our team will take ownership over improvements to this service, and will work on expanding functionalities to increase service users and merchants, as well as increasing the usage frequency.

Moving forward, we intend to deepen our understanding about existing technologies and from that, create new features and add new functionalities. All products in the Japanese market are high quality and PayPay shines particularly brightly among them. We will also pursue the highest quality and deliver an exceptional experience to our users!

What a great team!

A message to developers in India

This environment allows you to freely take up challenges on a stable service platform and is perfect for someone looking to grow!

A structured onboarding program is in place and I received excellent support from my mentor when I joined, so in many ways I was able to smoothly adjust to my new workplace. I will also do my level best to ensure that this particular aspect of Pay2DC culture lives on.

There is no doubt that the combination of Pay2DC’s startup culture and the stability of the platform will be a benefit for your career as well. This environment is perfect for engineers who are looking to grow because you can take on challenges without inhibition on a stable service platform. If you have that startup mentality, then come and join our team.

*Recruitment status and employee affiliations are correct at the time of the interview.