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PayPay Inside-Out Team



Came to PayPay from Yahoo in October 2018. Just before the launch of the app, was assigned to the front line in the capacity of HRBP in the Product Division – during that initial period of chaos. To take advantage of being witness to all the different phases, she launched PayPay Inside-Out in 2019, where she remains today.



After working as a designer and art director at an advertising production company for about 15 years, he joined PayPay in January 2021. He is responsible for a wide range of things including web design, graphic design, video and still photography in the corporate domain.



Joined PayPay in August 2021. After working for a publishing company in legal, secretarial, internal and external PR roles, she joined the PayPay’s Internal Communications team. She is responsible of the “What’s your honest opinion on PayPay?” and “Defending to Pioneer” series and articles about various events.


Mainly in Kansai

After gaining experience in public relations at a major manufacturer, joined PayPay’s Internal Communications team in August 2021. Her main job is internal communications, and she is in charge of the WFA series.



Joined PayPay as PR in October 2019. I'm mainly in charge of the "Forefront of Going Cashless" section, which focuses on the PayPay sales team that has rapidly expanded the number of merchants since the launch of the service. I will be reporting on the "now" of PayPay, which is promoting the cashless society in Japan.



After working as a web designer at an advertising agency, I joined PayPay in February 2022. I am in charge of the planning and designing of PayPay Inside-Out using my specialty of illustration.



Joined PayPay in September 2021. As a front-end engineer, he is in charge of the the implementation of each media operated by the team.