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DevTalk vol.4 Scaling SQL Database Dec 15th 7PM


PayPay has reached 43 million users in just 3 years since its launch in 2018. At PayPay, we research, develop, and operate with the cutting-edge technology with engineers from over 40 countries around the world. In the PayPay DevTalk, we will be discussing PayPay’s behind-the-scenes development, technical challenges, and more. For this DevTalk, we will focus on “Scaling SQL Database”.

Date: December 15th 19:00-20:00 (JST)

Place: Online (Zoom) 


“Improve Wallet performance with TiDB” – Jing
“Reducing impact of binlog replication on Aurora performance” – Amogh
Q&A, Wrap Up
  • This event is for engineers and students who is studying about computer science.
  • This event is conducted on Zoom webiner
  • There is no charge for participation
  • Interpretation will be provided both in English and in Japanese.
  • The presentation will include a Q&A session