PayPay Inside-Out People and Culture

“Now let’s change the world through finance,PayPay” A new story that starts here again


It has been 4 years since PayPay was born.

PayPay was just a payment app.

However, PayPay has now changed the meaning of cash, the flow of money, and

changed the mindset of many people who deal with it.

And since then we have always felt

Can we offer any more value to our users?

Colleagues from more than 40 countries and regions.

For the past 4 years, We have been passionate about creating new value more

than eating and sleeping.

We are still a work in progress.

A new story that starts here again.

Creating unprecedented financial services.

It will not be easy.

There may be many barriers.

But we don’t care about that.

All for our users.

No.Delivering the overwhelming No. 1 service to all users.

That’s all we are saying.

Now let’s change the world through finance,PayPay A new story that starts here again

PayPay is currently recruiting for the following positions.

If you want to contribute your expertise to make the service experience more convenient, secure, and safe for users and merchants, as well as create the No.1 fintech company together as professionals and work while undergoing exciting personal growth every day, we are looking forward to seeing you join us!

Many of the positions are WFA (Work from Anywhere at Anytime), which means you can work from anywhere in Japan as long as you work remotely or from home.

Japanese is not required for the following positions

Business level Japanese is required for all the following positions below

Business Development

We are seeking members who will plan and promote PayPay’s new financial business, merchant services, and O2O services. If you are from a financial institution or have experience in business development or service planning at an operating company, you can make the most of your skills with these positions.


We are looking for experienced marketing professionals who will develop, plan, and promote marketing strategies to increase awareness and usage of PayPay services. We have a wide range of positions where you can utilize your diverse experiences in the marketing domain, including marketing strategy and planning for B2C services, on- and offline marketing activities, big data analysis, and effect validation.