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【Sponsorship and Speaker Info】iOSDC 2023


PayPay will be a GOLD SPONSOR at iOSDC Japan 2023 to be held from September 1st to 3rd, 2023.

iOSDC Japan 2023 is a conference for engineers with iOS-related technologies as its core theme. The main features of the conference are intellectual talks by speakers invited from Japan and abroad that stimulate intellectual curiosity and communication among participants. We are also planning other events that you can enjoy during the period.

【Event Information】

Speaker Information
iOSDC Japan 2023
Official website URL
iOSDC Japan 2023 Executive Committee (Executive Committee Chair Tomoki Hasegawa @tomzoh)
Online (Nico Nico Live) + Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Nishiwaseda Campus
iOS and other related technologies and all software engineers

*For ticket information and other details, please visit the official website.

Furthermore, during the Sponsor Session scheduled for September 1st, 2023, our engineer, Hama(Tomofumi Hamada) from the Technology Department of the Payment Product Division in our Product Group, will be taking the stage as a speaker. As the event will also be available for online streaming, we look forward to your participation.

Speaker Information
Date and Time
2023/09/01 18:10〜 Track B
Hama (Satoshi Hamada)
“Our Approach as an Infra App.”