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Leader Interview

PayPay’s top executives share their strategies and messages in a remarkable series

PayPay Professionals

A lengthy and highly readable series that addresses the overwhelming pros of PayPay.Professionals

Around the world with PayPay

PayPay employees from over 40 countries around the world talk about their experiences at PayPay and differences between their countries and Japan.

Tech Talks

A core series to spot on PayPay Product engineers and their multinational manufacturing front. A must-read for engineers.

WFA Series

A series of beautifully photographed articles about WFA and how PayPay employees work with WFA.

Vanguard of PayPay Marketing

Having reached the benchmark of 45 million registered users and 3.55 million locations available for use nationwide, PayPay is a breath of fresh-and-cashless air in Japan, Read on to find out about the team of diligent marketers, who, in the hope of climbing to further heights, push forward at greater speed and vigor as we speak.

Defending to Pioneer

We asked persons in charge of departments that protect PayPay from multiple threats, including cyberattacks and fraud, about the comprehensive defensive framework which prepares for all types of risks, as well as allows PayPay to remain at its no. 1 position.

Design Chit-Chat

A series focusing on the designer team behind the UIUX and design of the PayPay app. Look out for the thumbnail images that change every month!

At the Center of Payhem

At PayPay, where people from diverse backgrounds gather, there are many different ways of working, common sense, and feeling. Read about snippets of mayhem at PayPay = our beloved Payhem – in which we constantly disrupt and create.


A unique series where PayPay's media team collaborates with other companies. Enjoy the new world seen from a diverse perspective.