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2.3 million member stores! What is the secret of PayPay sales?



【Professionals at PayPay】 is a running story that introduces the outstanding professionals who support PayPay

​In less than two years since its launch, PayPay has grown into a service with more than 2.3 million merchants across Japan (application-basis). This impressive leap is due no other than the strenuous efforts of the thousands of sales reps in PayPay. In this second edition of “PayPay Professionals”, we interviewed Haruka Otoguro of Account Sales Department, who undertakes all interactions with the merchants.​​

Haruka Otoguro

Account Sales Department

Contact point for all requests

-Please tell us what you do

Account sales department PayPay Support after the introduction, mainly for member stores that have introduced the system, mainly large to medium-sized companies PayPay I am in charge of planning and proposal sales to increase the transaction amount of. In my case, it is mainly headquartered in the Greater Tokyo Area. 50 The company is in charge, and among them there are various companies such as restaurant chains and supermarkets that are expanding nationwide. Speaking of sales, new acquisition by diving sales! You may have a strong image of this, but another department is in charge of new acquisition sales and support for individual stores.

The specific task is to propose various campaigns and new services to be released one after another to member stores. If requested PayPay We are in charge of responding to all requests, such as holding study sessions to explain the introduction method and payment method of. While there are various payment methods, we are making various proposals to member stores so that users can use them as much as possible. Easy and easy to use PayPay I would like to have many users use this to make daily shopping more convenient.

-You must feel a huge responsibility being the contact point for all the requests coming in from merchants.

PayPay As long as you have introduced, I strongly feel that you have to live up to your expectations. I think that they are selected as a means to meet the cashless demand in the world and to increase sales and attract customers, so we have to be a business that can meet that. I think that it is a great responsibility to face the member stores on behalf of the company and meet their expectations.

There are some difficult aspects, but considering the future of the service called PayPay, I think it is a very important department. For example, there is a function called “PayPay My Store” that allows member stores to distribute information and coupons about their stores to users, and a function called “PayPay Pickup” that allows customers to order take-out products through the app. In order for people to use it, it is necessary to first introduce it to each member store. Whether or not a store wants to use it depends on whether we can properly appeal the goodness of the service, so it is a big responsibility, but it also feels rewarding.

-Is there any other time when you feel rewarded?

I’m glad I did it when PayPay felt the value and told me directly about it. The person in charge said, “I’m glad that customers can use PayPay ,” “I’m glad I participated in the campaign because sales and attracting customers increased,” and “I’m really glad I introduced it! It makes me really happy to hear that.

At one merchant, the number of followers of “PayPay My Store” that can send information about their store was higher than the number of followers on Twitter and Facebook . At that time, the person in charge said, “I am very happy to be able to create opportunities to connect with many users through PayPay .” I was very happy that it was evaluated not as a mere payment method but as a point of contact with users.

Series of surprises – from “Only 2 months” to “Already 2 months”

-Why did you decide to join PayPay ?

I joined PayPay in November 2019. Originally, I worked as a wedding planner in a sales position for 5 and a half years, followed by sales administration work for 2 and a half years. After having experiences in both sales and admin work, I wanted to go back into a sales position, since I thought that it’s more fun and rewarding to do sales work. ​​ ​​​ ​​​

Among many companies, I imagined work at PayPay would be fun, as it is still a young company in an emerging field of business. At that time, I was also a PayPay user, and I was interested in the service itself. I was fascinated by the fact that I can contribute to the cashless project driven by the whole country and that I can be involved in services that could change the future of Japan.​​

-What was it like after you joined?

It was a series of surprises at first. There is an event called the “Best Practice Award” in the Sales team, which was a real surprise to me. In the meeting we present success cases to the Vice President, Division Head and other team members. Imagine – a person who’s only been with the company for 2 months announcing their achievements. I was shocked by the fact that a new hire actually already has a success case to present, so I decided to think that “it’s already 2 months after joining the company”, instead of “it’s only 1 month since I joined… it’s only 2 months since I joined”. I started to think that I should contribute to the organization as quickly as possible.​​ ​​​

By the way, I also will want to talk for a while in the “Best Practice Award”, was done in March this year, “10:00 to 14 for the best deals! Spring supermarket large reduction Festival” in the campaign, with the merchants We talked about the successful experience of having the company in charge participate in the campaign by devising ways of facing and negotiating.

In fact, in this campaign, I was also assigned as “captain” to manage the whole team. It was the 4th month since I joined the company, which made me think, “am I up to this…?”(lol). What’s good about PayPay is that even if you’re a newbie, you’re given the opportunity & environment to give things a try. You can play an active role regardless of whether you are in a senior or junior role, and if you do it, you will are rewarded according to your performance. ​ ​

A job that supports the future of our service

-Although it is a big responsibility, it sounds like it will also help develop employees’ skills.

Although it is a big responsibility, it sounds like it will also help develop employees’ skills. In the Account Sales Team that I belong to, everyone belongs to at least one project as coordinator of something or other within the project. Often, the documents you create are used as-they-are in executive level meetings. In my last job, there was a person responsible for making all the materials, and all I did was to go round using those materials talking to customers. So at first it seemed a bit strange to me, too much weight on my shoulders, but now, I see it in a positive way, not just as a sales rep but also as a business person.

It is also an important task to modify the contents of the materials according to the member stores. Customization is important because the requirements for each are different and the content of the proposal also changes. I also feel a sense of responsibility that our face-to-face with member stores will lead to the future of the service called PayPay . I feel that my skills, such as leadership, that I wouldn’t be able to acquire in normal sales are also being refined.

Account sales department colleague and Mr. Otoguro (right)

There is no ‘end’ to gaining trust from merchants

-Gaining your customer’s trust, as a sales rep, is a critical part of the process. What do you do to make this happen?

PayPay It’s all about thinking about things from the perspective of member stores and customers, not from the perspective. Even if it is natural for us, I think that the other party may ask “Why?” In such a case, first think about what you would think if you were in the other person’s position.

For example, let’s say there is a company that says, “We really want to implement cashless payments, but we can’t.” I would carefully analyze what the bottleneck is and what PayPay can do, and then think about what I can do to help. It is important to think about how to solve the issues together while using materials, such as past achievements. It’s not right to just say, “I want you to do this” because it is convenient for us. It’s important to be more sincere in answering the questions and not run away from the tasks we get from them.​ ​

On the other hand PayPay Is offering new services with a sense of speed, but the sense of speed can sometimes confuse merchants. It can be a little frustrating. PayPay I think that this business is only possible because we take good care of our affiliated stores, so I want to keep that feeling in mind, and because we are in a position to face our customers directly, we also have a “business with affiliated stores” within the company. I want to keep saying what it is.

-Has your sales style changed since COVID-19?

We’ve started working from home most of the week, with less face-to-face meetings, shifting to online meetings most of the time. At first, I was worried about how much people would understand without having to meet face-to-face, but I regularly contact them by phone or by e-mail to be aligned, making sure that we have a mutual understanding and there are not gaps.

-Do you have any future personal goals at PayPay ?

Well, that’s a difficult question (laughs). But after all I want to keep doing business. I would like to continue to be a business that is trusted by member stores.

-Don’t they already trust you enough already?

I don’t think there is a goal to be trusted by member stores. I want to continue to be such a business that always values the other person and thinks about things from the other person’s point of view.

Thanks for sharing your story, Haruka Otoguro!

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*​ ​Employees​ ​’ affiliations are as of the time of the interview.