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Forefront of Going Cashless Vol. 1 - PayPay Sales at the Forefront of a Cashless Society -



Within just three years from its launch, PayPay has grown into a service adopted by 3.4 million merchants. Due to this rapid expansion, which led to our acquiring over 41 million users, many people are now commenting that they can use PayPay in numerous locations and there are many stores which only accept cash or PayPay.

In this series, we will focus on PayPay’s Sales Group, which is at the forefront of merchant expansion, and bring you the voices of its members to uncover the secrets behind PayPay’s rapid growth. Happy reading!

PayPay’s Sales Organization

There are several thousand members in PayPay’s Sales Group, which is the company’s business unit in charge of sales. Each organization within the Group is working to expand PayPay’s merchant base by understanding and building rapport with the stores in their respective areas of responsibility. As the first in this series, we will introduce the work of each division.

【East Japan Sales Division / West Japan Sales Division】

Engaged in sales activities for to small and medium-sized merchants, as well as to regional areas, such as proposing to local governments a campaign for their municipalities’ revitalization. The Sales Division is divided in two, East Japan and West Japan, and we have 20 sales offices across the country. They are working hard to introduce PayPay to more merchants, as well as to promote PayPay My Store. In addition, they are diligent in their after sales follow-ups, conscientiously conducting sales activities with each store to further expand the use of PayPay.

【Sales Support Division】

Functions as the headquarters that help run a sales organization of a few thousand people nationwide. They take care of various back-office operations to support sales activities, like planning strategies and initiatives, then implementing them.

Their support is quite extensive. For example, there is one department that defines parameters for data extraction regarding sales results, so that sales activities can be visualized, and creates documents to make sales easier. There is also another department that trains sales representatives and plans activities for them to deepen their understanding of PayPay. 【Partner Sales Division】

They aim to expand the number of stores that adopt PayPay in collaboration with our partners, such as pPayment gGateways, PSPs , POS vendors, automation machine vendors, and acquisition agents. Their work also includes supporting merchants with CPM advertising, as well as responding to online registration requests by would-be merchants. They also work with our partners to further introduce PayPay’s sales promotion services to merchants who are using PayPay, and to improve the quality of both the system and operations of PayPay’s services to ensure its stable provision as a payment infrastructure.

【Enterprise Sales Division】

In contrast to the East Japan and West Japan Sales Divisions, which are responsible for small and medium-scale merchants, the Enterprise Sales Division is in charge of promoting membership and following up with large-scale ones, such as major chain stores. The Division also provides support services to help these merchants increase their revenue by using PayPay more effectively, by proposing campaigns and PayPay coupons that lead to sales promotions. Moreover, the division will further link up the PayPay app with apps owned by merchants and facilitate the creation of mini apps for mobile ordering systems.

About this series

As mentioned at the beginning, we believe that availability in many places is the reason why 41 million users, or more than one-third of Japan’s population, are using PayPay. By showcasing the activities behind PayPay’s growth and bringing the voices of salespeople to the fore, we want our readers to learn the secrets behind PayPay’s rapid progress in leading Japan to become a cashless society. Moreover, if any of you are interested in what it’s like to be a PayPay salesperson, we hope you will gain a better understanding of the work we do through this series.

Edited by: Sota (PayPay Inside-Out Editor)​​​​ * Employees’ affiliations are those of the time of the interview.