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We Are Actively Hiring for 2022! The Future Is Now

Editorial team


In 2022, PayPay continues to actively seek hundreds of professionals for over 130 positions. We are looking for people who can proactively identify issues and work together with colleagues to create new value for the future at a breathtakingly fast pace.

PayPay, a fintech company that exceeded 45 million users in only three years since its launch in 2018, is currently comprised of diverse members from over 40 countries. Although the company now is made up of a few thousand employees, we are still growing and yet to become an established entity. We continue our expansion with more colleagues joining us daily from all over the globe to create new value for society.

PayPay’s culture is also a work in progress, but the PayPay 5 senses is an articulation of the values and corporate culture that have been important to everyone at PayPay from its inception to the present.
To help you understand PayPay better, we made a video introducing the PayPay 5 Senses, so please take a look!

Below are the positions we are currently hiring for at PayPay.

Many posts are covered by the WFA (Work from Anywhere at Anytime) system, which allows employees to work remotely from anywhere in Japan.

If you want to make use of your experience to create a more convenient, secure, and safe service experience for users and merchants, or if you are a professional who would like to work with us to create the No. 1 fintech company, or if you want to enjoy the experience of personal growth every day, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Japanese is not required for the following positions


We are looking for engineers who will be in charge of development of PayPay’s products, including the payment platform features or other new features and services that are being added every day. There is a wide range of job types from backend to client side, security, SRE, QA, and UI designer.

Business level Japanese is required for the following positions

Business Development

We are seeking members who will plan and promote PayPay’s new financial business, merchant services, and O2O services. If you are from a financial institution or have experience in business development or service planning at an operating company, you can make the most of your skills with these positions.

※As the position requires a minimum of business level Japanese


We are looking for experienced marketing professionals who will develop, plan, and promote marketing strategies to increase awareness and usage of PayPay services. We have a wide range of positions where you can utilize your diverse experiences in the marketing domain, including marketing strategy and planning for B2C services, on- and offline marketing activities, big data analysis, and effect validation.

※As the position requires a minimum of business level Japanese


We seek new colleagues for sales, sales planning, and support for corporate customers and merchants throughout Japan.
There are various positions where corporate sales experience or sales experience in SaaS services are highly valued.

※As the position requires a minimum of business level Japanese

Legal / Risk Management / Governance

We are looking for colleagues who can support the healthy growth of PayPay as a financial service provider. Positions include CISO, internal audit, internal control, legal / compliance, anti-fraud, and risk management. You can apply your past experience to the new, fast-growing financial life platform, PayPay.

Business level Japanese is required for the following positions

Enterprise IT

We are hiring engineers who can plan, develop, and operate PayPay’s diverse internal systems. There are a wide range of important positions that support PayPay’s organizational needs and growth, from core systems to cloud and infrastructure engineers.

Business level Japanese is required for the following positions


As the backbone of PayPay, the corporate teams support and create the growth of the company and internal organizations. We are recruiting for diverse positions, including corporate planning. We have people from multiple industries working together, and we are taking on new challenges every day to accelerate PayPay’s staggeringly fast growth.

Business level Japanese is required for the following positions