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What’s your honest opinion on PayPay? vol.19 Marketing / Points Business Planning


This is a feature article that involves PayPay employees giving their honest opinion on why they joined, and the surprises they encountered after joining. This time, we sat down with Misato Hazu from Points Business Planning, Points Business Department, Marketing Division

Misato Hazu

Point Business Planning
Point Business Alliance Planning

My current mission is to build a business plan for expanding PayPay Points, rebranded in April from PayPay Bonus.

PayPay Inside-Out

Please tell us about your responsibilities.

Misato Hazu

I organize business requirements for the points business and provide sales support to merchants.

The Points Business Planning Team is working on the entry into the “common point” business, which Nakayama-san recently explained to the media. This small, highly skilled team is in charge of organizing the requirements and preparing materials to help merchants utilize and introduce points.

During the rebranding process, we were busy changing the name “PayPay Bonus” to “PayPay Points” found in various internal and external locations.

PayPay Inside-Out

Why did you choose to join PayPay, and where did you work previously?

Misato Hazu

I worked at a company that operated a loyalty point business for about 12 years. Since I had been working on the loyalty point business for such a long time, when I was looking to throw myself into a new environment, I decided to take the plunge for PayPay because it had a lot of momentum.

I speak some English, so I was also applying for a few jobs at foreign companies. But I was not 100% confident in working solely in English., as Iit’s difficult to perfectly convey my intentions in it. In that regard, PayPay has a team of interpreters for support, so you can have an interpreter come in for important meetings. In fact, one of the deciding factors for me to join PayPay was that while I get to use English at work with the many foreign employees, I can also rely on support from the interpretation team.

PayPay Inside-Out

What was surprising at PayPay?

Misato Hazu

I would say how highly skilled each person is. I’m always inspired by the speed with which everyone goes about their work and how everyone’s comprehension level is off the charts. I thought it was somewhat typical for meetings to last about an hour. But at PayPay, we usually finish in about 30 minutes. You don’t have to sit through many redundancies or have a meeting dragged out for nothing. Everyone seems to have a good grasp of matters at hand, even when the explanation is plain and simple. I’m always impressed at everyone’s ability to understand what needs to be done.

Speaking of explanations, I found one more thing astonishing. I was amazed that the Division Head would share regular business updates with the team. I think people in management tend to conceal new businesses and projects, as they are mindful of information leaks.

At PayPay, of course, we are told to be careful with handling information. Still, the company clearly trusts the members enough to keep us in the loop, so they regularly share even the updates from management meetings.

I was also stunned by the amount of money handled when I joined the company. So until I got used to it, I couldn’t read the numbers properly on the spot (laughs). Dealing with a considerable amount is something that only a large business can do, and I think it is possible because of the synergy and integration between the group companies.

PayPay Inside-Out

Honestly speaking, are you glad you joined PayPay?

Misato Hazu

PayPay is going through rapid growth, so work is busy every day. Also, working from home sometimes makes it difficult to set boundaries with your personal time. However, I can genuinely say I’m happy to have made this career change. I can surely leave a mark, and the people around me are incredibly cooperative.

It’s rare in PayPay for initiatives to be prevented from moving forward for the sake of company rules or just because something was never done before. Instead, I think one of the best things about this company is that more people are willing to think about building something new together and promoting them swiftly.

Naturally, we want people who have the desire and experience to create something new. If you enjoy getting others involved and working towards creating something together, this is the right place for you!

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