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【Online event Info】PayPay Growth Tech! Vol. 2


On Tuesday, Junel 28, 2022, TechPlay will host a recruiting event titled “PayPay Growth Tech! Vol. 2, Elimination of spreadsheets and going fully remote at PayPay: The case study of smart corporate IT operations at one of the largest FinTech businesses in Japan.”

PayPay, which has surpassed 47 million users in just three and a half years since its launch in 2018, is currently composed of a diverse group of members from more than 40 countries. Although the company has several thousand employees, it is still in its growth phase and “unfinished.” Even today, PayPay continues to expand as more and more colleagues from around the globe join every day to provide new value to the world.

This will be an online event for enterprise systems project managers and cloud service managing engineers who may be interested in joining the Enterprise Engineering Department in PayPay, which is responsible for developing the internal business systems that support the financial services provided by PayPay.

A panel of PayPay employees will give a behind-the-scenes look at development by PayPay’s corporate engineers. Please feel free to join.

In this event, the following topics will be discussed.

  • How did corporate engineers at a large organization like PayPay shift from “analog” work to the digitalization of their work?
  • Financial businesses typically have many restrictions that prevent employees from going fully remote, so how did PayPay solve security challenges to achieve that?
  • Specific initiatives, such as digitalization of all flows from onboarding to retirement, establishment of HR infrastructure on a global level, and realization of zero-touch provisioning, as well as an overview of security measures in a full cloud environment.

〈Event Information〉

Title: “PayPay Growth Tech! vol.2, Elimination of spreadsheets and going fully remote at PayPay: The case study of smart corporate IT operations at one of the largest FinTech businesses in Japan”

Date:Friday, June 28, 19:00-20:30


History of the Enterprise Engineering Department

How did we move away from time-consuming work toward digitalization? The before and after.

Hiroshi Okada
・Anecdotes from the days when work was “analog”
  – Employee information management using spreadsheets, etc.
・Specific initiatives to promote digitalization
  – How to involve others in the company
  – Difficulties and how to overcome them


Introduction of a human resources management system to digitalize the entire flow from recruitment to retirement, and to build a human resources infrastructure on a global level

Kazuhiko Takeoka
・Before and after the introduction of Workday
・HR data management from hiring to retirement
・Future use of HR data


Security measures and zero-touch provisioning realized by a financial business company

Dai Fujikawa
・Zero-touch provisioning to reduce the number of device managers coming to work
・Onboarding efforts from the first day of employment to post-employment onboarding
・”Work Anytime” vs. IT service desk hours
・Internal information security measures as a FinTech company
・Adoption of all employees working remotely

Closing remarks

※Anyone can join this Seminar from any location.
※you can join this event for free.
※You can leave during the Seminar.
※In this Seminar only Japanese is available.
※Feel free to ask any question for speakers in chat during this seminar.

Operating company:TechPlay

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