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Vanguard of PayPay Marketing vol.5 Promotion Department


Having reached the benchmark of 47 million registered users and 3.66 million locations available for use nationwide, PayPay is a breath of fresh-and-cashless air in Japan, offering a comfortable and fun payment experience to its users and merchants who use the service multiple times a day. At PayPay, the team of diligent marketers is driving campaigns and marketing strategies critical to this achievement. In the hope of climbing to further heights, they continue to push forward at greater speed and vigor as we speak. This issue features Daisuke Uchiike of the Promotion Department.

Daisuke Uchiike

Daisuke Uchiike

Deputy Division Head, Marketing Division
Senior Manager, Promotion Department

Deputy Division Head, Marketing Division Senior Manager, Promotion Department He joined SoftBank Corp. in 2005. He was in charge of branding and advertising for the SoftBank Hawks, mobile business, and the launch of the Pepper robot. He is currently responsible for all promotions since the launch of PayPay in 2018.

Tell us about the Promotion Department!

The Promotion Department

The Promotion Department is responsible for all aspects of promotion, including producing advertisements and media orders to attract users and merchants. The department currently consists of the following three teams.

  • “Ads and Branding Team” is responsible for mass marketing and brand building, including commercials.
  • “Digital Marketing Team” works to reach out directly to new and existing users.
  • “Sales Promotion Team” takes care of everything from the design to logistics of production materials utilizing the storefronts and exteriors of more than 3.66 million merchants.

Until now, the main focus has been on advertising. However, under the new organizational structure of FY22 in effect from April 2022, paid media and owned media became a single team where they can handle all aspects of various promotions, from planning and production to effect verification. We are gradually beginning to set up the proper environment for the new structure. As a result, I believe we will be able to develop more effective and efficient promotional activities under the new formation.

Tell us about the most challenging and most rewarding part of your job in the Promotion Department!

It goes without saying that PayPay’s service itself is newsworthy. On top of that, we have a large number of users. So whatever promotion we launch, there is a tremendous response, which is very satisfying. However, the pressure is also high because of the meticulous preparation and coordination required.

In addition, we can move things along quickly at work because my colleagues are passionate about what they do. This drive helped us achieve rapid growth in the cashless industry, which was thought to be challenging to penetrate. I have been in the promotion field for many years, but I think I have experienced the equivalent of a 20-year career in the past three years. That is how enriching this job has been.

Tell us about the work culture in the Promotion Department!

We all work remotely, so we make sure we share information amongst ourselves. This applies to not only the Promotion Department but also the Marketing Division as a whole. For example, we recently conducted a survey with members of our Marketing Division regarding remote work, and the results showed a satisfaction rate of over 90%.

The Division has a very open culture, to begin with. There is a strong sense of working together as a whole division rather than independently as each department. I want to maintain what is already good and keep communication alive in building our culture and organization.

I heard that you are actively hiring. Tell us your thoughts and what you value in hiring!

First of all, I believe it is essential to be a professional in something through your past experience. We would like to work with people who have something that is second to none or something they are passionate about more than anyone. We want to work with people who are willing to continuously work hard to further develop these strengths.

PayPay already offers a framework where you can experience everything from A to Z, from planning various marketing initiatives to data analysis. You can get your hands on mass advertising to owned media in the promotion field. In addition, our work environment allows you to push your skills as a professional and expand your career. You might be looking to swiftly clarify the skills you ought to hone while having a broad view of the entire marketing of the company’s services. Or you might be a professional seeking the next playing field. In either case, PayPay offers the settings and opportunities for you to be successful.

Message to future colleagues

When I looked at the members of my own department as of April 2022, I was surprised that more than half of them had joined the company within the past year. It hit me that the organization has grown so much along with the service. Even more impressive is how well everyone fits into the company and their work!

The corporate environment at PayPay allows us to take on a variety of new challenges, but I think the real appeal of joining the company at this time is its scale, speed, and novelty.

  • The openness of the company and the proximity with the management allow for in-depth discussions whenever the necessary elements for decision-making are in place.
  • You have the chance to work on dynamic and large-scale marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • You can experience firsthand the expansion of the business such as our points economic zone on top of the payment and finance business.

In light of the above, now is prime time to join PayPay. Now is definitely the time if you’re ever on the fence about applying for PayPay!

*The recruitment status is current at the time of the interview.

Special Thanks: Daisuke Uchiike / Planning: Sura Kim / Edited by: PayPay Inside-Out Editorial Team
*Employees’ affiliations and other information are those of the time of the interview.