PayPay Inside-Out People and Culture

PayPay’s First Overseas Development Base in India. Let‘s start new “Day 1” in India together.


PayPay Corporation is pleased to announce that it has established its first overseas development hub, the Pay2 Development Center in the state of Haryana, India in October 2022. By establishing this development hub in India, a country rich in IT resources, PayPay aims to enhance the speed and quality of its developments through locally hired first-rate engineers and its dual-shore delivery model which will utilize teams in Japan and India.

PayPay has been proactively hiring hundreds of talent annually from across the globe since it was founded. Diversity in the workplace continues to flourish with non-Japanese personnel comprising up to 70% of its onsite development teams (*2022.Oct).

This time, with the goal to further enhance the quality and delivery of its products, PayPay has established its first offshore development center in India, an IT powerhouse that is also home to the Paytm headquarters. PayPay will gradually work to develop a dual-shore development structure by aiming to hire hundreds of engineers offshore, with each site having equal capabilities that will contribute to faster and better quality products and greater development capacity.

Please click here for more information about job openings at Pay2 Development Center.
Our official press release is here.