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Around the world with PayPay vol.19 FROM INSIDE


Around the World with PayPay is a series of articles featuring our global workplace, with people gathered from approximately 40 countries around the world.

The article consists of two parts: “FROM OUTSIDE” (published every first Thursday of the month) focuses on a comparison between Japan and the interviewee’s home country. “FROM INSIDE” (published every second Friday of the month) focuses on experiences within PayPay.

Continuing on from the last issue, we’ve sat down with Alvaro Parra from Spain.

*The Japanese version of the article is available here.

Alvaro Parra

Backend Engineer

Country:Spain / Years in Japan:6 / What do you do at PayPay:Developer / Location(where do you live currently):Osaka
“We do what we must, because we can”

How are payments done in your country?

The most common way to pay in Spain is with a debit/credit card, smartphone, or cash. Smartphone payments can be done by a contactless method or using Bizum. For contactless payments, the user needs to register a card on their smartphone, and the store requires a contactless payment terminal.

Bizum is a service that facilitates money transfers between Spanish banks. Every bank needs to implement an interface application, and users need to link their phone numbers with their bank accounts. Users can transfer money to other users by inputting the other user’s telephone number. Bizum is mainly used for transfers among users. Also, it is used in small stores because no payment terminal is required.

Why did you join PayPay?

Firstly, I wanted to work in a diverse company, and PayPay has employees gathered from many different countries.
I also wanted to work from home because of the pandemic situation, and PayPay had the WFA policy that allows working from anywhere in Japan.

Photo by Alvaro Parra
Photo by Alvaro Parra at Kobe

What’s the best thing about working at PayPay?

I can work together with a lot of kind and brilliant people.

How is a normal working day for you at PayPay?

Start working
Try to keep my schedule free to have some focus time until noon
Lunch time
Meetings, slack follow-ups, and multiple development tasks
Get off work

What do you think was the biggest positive impact of PayPay in Japan?

I think PayPay’s success lies in providing easy-to-use payment systems for both the customers and the merchants. My lifestyle has improved thanks to PayPay. I no longer need to worry about cash-only stores or the schedules and rates of bank ATMs.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Alvaro!

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