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11th October online webinar PayPay recruiting event for Business Developer/PdM(FinTech)


This event will be held in Japanese, as business-level Japanese is required for related positions.

11th October (WED) The future of FinTech envisioned by the PayPay Group

PayPay, a FinTech company that has surpassed 58 million users (as of July 2023) in the five years since it launched its service in 2018, is using code payments as an entry point for PayPay Card and PayPay Securities, which will be newly launched as the PayPay Group in 2021 PayPay, a FinTech company, is working to create new FinTech services with PayPay Card and PayPay Securities, which will make a new start as PayPay Group in 2021.

This event is an online Hiring session for experienced Finance Business Development, Service Providers, Planning, and Product Managers in the financial industry who will create the PayPay Group’s finance and FinTech businesses. The event will feature a panel discussion with the first names of the three leaders in the financial domain from the three companies, and will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the development of services that have been rolled out to date, as well as the business vision, culture, and climate that PayPay is aiming for. Please feel free to attend.

Yanase Masayoshi

Division Head, Finance Business Strategy Division, Finance Business Group, PayPay Corporation

After joining Vodafone Corp and working in Vodafone Group Marketing, he subsequently joined SoftBank Mobile Corp. and worked in the Product & Service Division, then moved to SoftBank U.S. Inc. as Product Strategy Manager, and then to SoftBank Corp. Business Development Division as the FinTech Business Planning Manager. Finally, he joined PayPay in August 2018. He is in charge of financial services (Pay Later, Earn Bonus, insurance mini app) and mini apps (Uber Eats, DiDi, PayPay Mall, PayPay Flea Market, Accelerator Program).

Kaoru Oshima

Division Head, Marketing Division, Business Growth Group, PayPay Card

After dropping out of the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Engineering, he joined On the Edge Co.Then, after working for a major EC platform company, he was transferred to PayPay Card in 2023.He has been the Division Head of Marketing Division since 2014.

Kenji Bansho

CEO & Representative Director of PayPay Securities

I began my car‍eer in the credit card industry after graduating, then transitioned to a FinTech company. After being engaged in business development, management planning, and M&A, I joined SoftBank Corp. in 2016. I played a central role in new business development in the FinTech area, including the founding of PayPay. In June 2022, I became the CEO & Representative Director of PayPay Securities.

Event Information

Date & Time Wednesday, 11 October 2023, 7PM-8PM(JST) Zoom webinar

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Recommended for

  • Those who are involved in Business Development in Finance Business Development
  • Those who are involved in Service Development in IT related business.


About our business and organization
The future of FinTech envisioned by the PayPay Group
About Recruitment process
  • Online sessions will be held, so participants can attend from anywhere.
  • No fee is required to attend.
  • You can leave the room during the session.
  • This event will be held in Japanese.
  • Any questions you may have for the speakers will be answered in the chat room during the seminar.

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